Buying or Selling a Home

Buying or selling a home can be very exciting, but also very stressful. It is important to understand how the real estate system works, and to have a real estate agent that can provide you with the assistance you need through the entire process. Being prepared, having a plan, and staying informed will allow you to make your transaction a successful one.

Home Sold in Bismarck, ND

Homeowners can find great benefits in five general areas by finding a realtor that:

  • Employs their knowledge and expertise successfully
  • Avoids liability, legal issues, and lawsuits altogether
  • Uses proven marketing tools
  • Goes against using any difficult or stressful negotiation tactics

Realtor, Cassie Bowers has a great deal of knowledge and experience in a number of these areas allowing her to make a real difference in selling or buying homes for her clients. Her expertise ranges from market analysis to establish a selling price, simple repairs, and utilizing “staging” techniques to show a home in its best possible light. She understands that these techniques can translate to quicker sale and better purchase prices.

When you work with the Cassie Bowers, she will guide you through the entire real estate transaction carefully to avoid any potential legal liabilities. From the disclosure process, paperwork, documentation requirements, and other related legal issues, Cassie will know what to do to ensure the process is done correctly.

If you would like to discuss your real estate needs, call Cassie directly at 701-391-1381!